Canadian Online Casinos and Progressive Video Slots Games

Online Canadian casinos are currently rated among the top online casinos in the world. They offer players a unique gaming experience which can be considered extremely lucrative. Online Canadian casinos take care of their members and are renowned for their high standard of quality games. More than that, some of the top Canadian casinos offer players:

  • Bonuses
  • Sign Up and Welcome Packages
  • VIP and Loyalty Programs
  • Extended Range of Popular Casino Games

What Are Progressive Video Slots Games?

Progressive slots are one of the most lucrative casino games. They offer players the chance to win millions! Aside from your high stakes games and online tournaments, progressive slots offer the highest payouts. For this very reason they are also the most popular form of online gaming. Progressive video slots are your common 5 reeled and multiple payline slots. They come in a variety of themes to keep the player entertained while winning large sums of money.

There is one variation however. Because progressive slots offer higher payouts players are required to make larger deposits. Unlike your regular video slots games, progressive slots have high jackpot values. This is because the amount is continuously increasing. Every time a player makes a deposit a percentage of that deposit is added to the jackpot amount. You can win this jackpot by betting maximum and hitting a winning combination that fills all your paylines. There are three variations of progressive video slots:

Stand Alone Progressives: These are progressive video slots that are not linked up to any other machines or casinos. They have their own jackpot amount that increases every time a deposit is made. Because they only have their own jackpot, they are one of the lightweight progressive slots. Deposit amounts are not that steep and although they still offer high payout totals, they are not as rewarding as the variations listed below.

In-House Progressives: These are a group of progressive video slots that are owned by an online casino and are linked up together to share a jackpot amount. Because there are more than one slot games linked up together, they offer higher payouts than your stand-alone progressives. Each time a player makes a deposit, a percentage of that is added to the shared jackpot amount and every time you hit a winning combination, you win a larger sum of cash. Because these are your medium weight games, you are required to make slightly higher deposit amounts, and maximum deposit will grant you access to the jackpot.

Wide Area Progressives: This is your heavy weight form of progressive slots. These slots games are linked up far and wide. Progressives from other casinos are linked to this jackpot total. Because there are several, if not more, progressives linked up to one jackpot amount, players are required to make large deposits. Keep in mind that slots in general do not require the large deposits which table games do, so even though you are required to make a large deposit…it is only large in terms of slots!

Gambling at Canadian online casinos offers more than just quality gaming, it offers you life changing games. So the next time you feel inclined to win some major cash…play progressive slots at Canadian online casinos.

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