Casino Deposits

The older the online gambling industry grows the more products that are created to make the functioning of the industry a little easier. Included in such products are the different methods used to make casino deposits. Today, players are faced with the heavy task of deciding which banking method is best suited for them and their player accounts while taking into consideration things such as transaction charges, safety and security of transacting online, ease of transacting using a certain method and the speed at which funds are transferred among other things.

For many years, the most popular method of making deposits was through credit cards. However with growing concerns of safety against online fraud, e-wallets are swiftly coming in to replace bank cards. E-Wallets can be likened to bank accounts in that both facilities store money and can transfer it through transactions with other merchants. However they do differ in that e-wallets can only be used for that purpose and not for borrowing, interest income gaining and long-term investing activities like online bank accounts can. Bank accounts themselves can be used directly to transfer money to player accounts with the most common disadvantage to this being the very high bank charges.

Players may also consider things such as gift cards and prepaid cards when needing to make casino deposits. These pose much less security risk in that no personal information is ever exposed in using them and there is no chance of a person using them unless you show them the serial numbers. The last option to grow your player account is the use of an e-cheque. Most online brands do not favour this method partly because it is very susceptible to fraud, but not to the player' to the casino. E-cheques, like normal cheques, bounce when there are insufficient funds in the account they are meant to be coming from, which often causes unnecessary bank fees.

How safe is it to make a casino deposit?

The safety involved in moving your money really just depends on the banking method used and the brand you are transacting to and fro. In general, online casinos take a lot of precautionary measures to ensure that players are protected from any kinds of online fraud that might occur as a result of money moving through the casino. In addition to this, the banking merchants used will also have their own security measures in place so players generally do not have much to worry about. However, it is also true that some online deposit methods are slightly safer than others. E-Cheques for example have been subject to countless cases of fraud either to the detriment of the casino or to that of the player, while e-wallets report less of such occurrences.

Making a deposit vs making a withdrawal

It is an unrealistic expectation to think that withdrawing money from a casino will be as easy as depositing it. The fact is that making an online casino deposit is simple and often so speedy that the money you deposited shows up in your account in a matter of hours and sometimes only minutes. Withdrawing your money however can be quite the hassle. This is because online casinos need to protect themselves as far as possible from loss of income as a result of things such as fraud, cheating, misuse of bonuses and the like. In order to do this, they enforce a mandatory verification process before withdrawal as well as other security checks which will ensure that the player has not in any way infringed on the casino's rules. Suffice it to say that the withdrawal process contains much more red tape and thus is much longer than the process for depositing.

Deposits and casino bonuses

The link between bonuses and deposits is a very simple one to understand and is also a very fruitful one. Online casinos use bonuses to lure players onto their websites; then, even more bonuses are given to keep them there. In order for casinos to see just how committed the player is to playing, a couple of deposits need to be made to the casino. This is all because casinos will give more bonuses to players that have been playing with them the longest or at least been making reasonably larger bets. A new player might get an attractive Welcome bonus, a regular player might get bonuses to a higher value, but high rollers and VIPs will get even more. Therefore, it is safe to say that the more casino deposits a player makes, the more bonuses he becomes eligible for and thus the more free money he can get from the casino.

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