Types of casino players

As is the case with any other business, the casino's primary concern will be its own well-being. However, given the nature of the business, each casino's well-being is partly dependant on the well-being of its players. This is why online casinos will almost always work in connection with other parties in ensuring firstly that cheaters are detected and kept away from the casino and secondly that legitimate players do not fall under the trap of addiction and becoming problem gamblers. In spite of such efforts though, casinos from around the world still have experiences with players such as those mentioned below.

Card Counters

Card counters are a casino's worst nightmare. They are obviously only found in table games where cards are used and their job is to basically count cards whether for their own gain or for the gain of a group of people (team counting). The aim of card counting is to keep tabs on the movement of high- and low-score cards on the shoe so that the player eventually gains an advantage over the house. This is obviously unacceptable for the casino since casino games are designed in such a way that the house always has the odds stacked to its favour, no matter how small.

The Regulars

Regular players are the joys of casinos. This statement is a true subject to the condition that these are controlled regulars. Gambling addiction is a growing trend in today's world and, sadly, regular gamblers sometimes become those gamblers who are only regular because their addiction drives them to be. There are millions of gambling addicts accessing online casinos around the world each day. This poses a problem for online casinos because as good as it might be for the casino's bottom line, it is morally unacceptable to profit from the suffering of others. Hence, the presence of regular gamblers in online casinos will remain a tricky one until distinguishing between the addicted and non-addicted regulars becomes easier.


A thrill seeker is a kind of player that wants to look for the casino with the best thrills. This kind of gambler is the closest kind to pathological gamblers and in fact, can be seen as just a step below it because it is also borne from the mind's reaction to gambling. Thrill seekers get more of a kick from gambling in comparison to other types of gamblers and this kick is what they seek when they go gambling. The other more subtle type of thrill seeker is the player who only plays for the purpose of escaping his problems. For this kind of player, gambling induces a trance through which he can escape from his realities and be focussed only on the joys offered by the machine at that very moment.

Binge gamblers

Wherever the word gambling is mentioned, it is associated with taking something in large doses and then not taking it for a very long time. A binge gambler is exactly that it is a problem gambler who often goes unnoticed because they do not gamble as frequently as the ordinary problem gambler. Binge gamblers can go a very long time without even thinking about gambling but once they hit the casino floor again, they will not be able to stop for those few hours. The reason why this is dangerous is that it makes detecting addiction that much more difficult because the gambling patterns are not frequent enough.

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