Table Games

Table games generally refer to the games played at casinos on a table; these could be card games, dice games or random number games. It is generally advised to know how to play these games before walking up to a table and placing a bet, but with online casinos this is not the case, players are allowed to use the games in free mode allowing them get a feel for the types of games they enjoy without losing money.

Table Games - Baccarat

There are a variety of card games on offer at online casinos, some are games of chance and others the player requires a certain amount of skill and knowledge. An easy game to start with is Baccarat, this traditional casino game originated in Italy and the player can place one of three bets, player wins, dealer wins or tie. The object is to get the cards to add up to nine the closest wins; this is simply a game of guessing so money can be won easily.


Moving on to Black Jack one of the most popular table games where players need to add cards this time the total needs to be 21. The player will place a bet on themselves to win, two cards are dealt and the player can choose a 'hit' (get another card) until they get to 21 if they go over it's a 'bust' and the dealer wins. The dealer can also win if they get closer to 21 than the player, in the case of a tie or 'Push' the player gets their bet back.


Texas Hold'em is a very popular online game so it's a good version of Poker to learn. Players must make a 'blind' bet (bet placed before cards are seen) in order to get the game started, each player is then dealt two cards 'Pocket Cards' and three 'Community Cards' are dealt in the middle. Players will need to form the best hand using the Pocket and Community Cards, players can place extra bets each round before an extra community card is placed, this can help to force other players to 'fold' (give up). The best hand wins the round; hands are tricky to learn so try playing a few free games to learn the ropes.


Craps is a game of many rounds if players get the 'come out' (first dice) roll correct, a total of 2,3,7,11,12 means game over, a total of 4,5,6,8,9,10 will create the 'point'. A marker will mark the point on the table, the dice is rolled round after round until the point or a 7 is rolled. Placing bets are tricky so players need to research the many options available the standard bet is 'Pass line' the most basic bet in Craps.


This fun and exciting game is named after the French word meaning small wheel, there are numerous bets a player can place and its simple to understand, a few options are; red or black, odd or even, a specific number, a number range the easier the bet the lower the payout. The wheel is spun and depending on what pocket the ball lands in will reveal if the players win. This is a classy game and one of the easiest casino games to play.

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