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Video poker was not necessarily the most favoured game a few decades ago as the popularity of slot machines took preference at land-based casinos - and players preferred joining the buzzing tables. It was more a game enjoyed in solitary as a pastime while having a pint at bars and saloons. As soon as technology started picking up pace, and trickled over to the design and development of new casino games, it brought with it a total game changer - literally. Although not much has changed in that all of those classics still make up for most of the menu, there are a few twists and additions, and higher winning prospects, which has seen more player taking up playing poker online.

What is Video Poker?

It is hard to believe that such a staggering number of players still have no idea what video poker is all about. The easiest way to describe it is as a fusion of a slot games, with the fundamentals of table poker, blended into one. The main difference between video poker and regular draw poker is that there is no dealer - virtual, or real life. The Random Number Generator is the only other thing that has any effect on your game, and not even really, as it is software that operates totally at random. The RNG delivers your cards and you determine the way forward.

How Do You Play?

A little bit of knowledge on how to play conventional draw poker will have you well on your way to playing video poker online with moderate success... The fundamental principle never changes - and that is to create a winning hand by choosing which cards to either hold or discard, to be replaced by new cards. What the highest-winning and lowest-paying hand is differs amongst online poker games although standard hands still apply, i.e. Royal Flush, Straight Flush, Four of a Kind, Two Pairs, etc.

In terms of how to actually play the game, it is pretty straightforward, as the screen will have large and clear icons showing "deal" and "draw", and depending on the games'; extra features, "double" and "collect". After selecting your bet, click on the deal button and the RNG will deliver 5 cards to your screen. Click on the cards that you would like to keep to "hold" them, and "draw" to replace the rest.

Play Popular Poker Games

Jacks or Better, Tens or Better, Aces and Eights, All American and Deuces Wild are some of the traditional games that you can enjoy at pretty much all online casinos. Based on these classics many modern versions were founded, such as Microgaming's Power Poker and Level-Up. It is now possible to play up to 100 hands simultaneously, thus increasing winning frequency substantially. There are even progressive jackpots such as SupaJax and Jackpot Deuces where the top jackpot achievable is always on the rise.

Playing at a leading casino will give you access to all of the traditional games - along with the option to enjoy them as either single hand, or multi-hand games. With some software providers such as Microgaming powering very unique variations, there is also no need to be limited to standard classics only. Get your hands on an exclusive bonus that is tailor-made for the game by checking out sign up bonuses.

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